SJVS courses are offered strictly for 1st time course credit

(not for credit recovery).

If you wish to take a virtual course for credit recovery, please meet with your guidance counselor.


Middle School Course Catalog

The course catalog allows for St. Johns County School District students to sort through subject, course title, credits, advanced availability, and platform. By clicking on the course title you will be directed to a brief description of the course. Courses that offer advanced will also link to the course description via clicking honors. The search feature is also available to allow for quick navigation using key words.
Course TitleSubjectCreditsPlatformAdvanced InfoRegister
M/J Creative PhotographyElectives1-Semester CourseEducatorNA
M/J Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Learning StrategiesElectives1-Semester CourseEducatorNA
M/J Career Research and Decision MakingElectives1-Semester CourseEducatorNA
M/J Peer Counseling 1Electives1-Semester CourseEducatorNA
M/J Language Arts 3Language ArtsFull Year CourseEducatorAdvanced
M/J Language Arts 2 Language ArtsFull Year CourseEducatorAdvanced
M/J Language Arts 1 Language ArtsFull Year CourseEducatorAdvanced
M/J Grade 8: Pre-Algebra MathematicsFull Year CourseEducatorNA
M/J Mathematics 7MathematicsFull Year CourseEducatorAdvanced
M/J Mathematics 6MathematicsFull Year CourseEducatorAdvanced
M/J Comprehensive PE 7/8Physical Education1-Semester CourseEducatorNA
M/J Fitness-Grade 6Physical Education1-Semester CourseEducatorNA
M/J Comprehensive PE 6/7Physical Education1-Semester CourseEducatorNA
M/J Comprehensive Science 3ScienceFull Year CourseEducatorAdvanced
M/J Comprehensive Science 2ScienceFull Year CourseEducatorAdvanced
M/J Comprehensive Science 1ScienceFull Year CourseEducatorAdvanced
M/J World HistorySocial Studies1-Semester CourseEducatorAdvanced
M/J Civics EOCSocial Studies1-Semester CourseEducatorAdvanced
M/J U.S. HistorySocial Studies1-Semester CourseEducatorAdvanced
M/J Intermediate SpanishWorld Language1-Semester CourseEducatorNA
M/J Beginning SpanishWorld Language1-Semester CourseEducatorNA

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