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Testing On-sight Location
2980 Collins Ave.
St. Augustine, FL 32084


All courses given through St. Johns Virtual School are required to have their final segment exam proctored by a district personnel unless the course has a state required End Of Course Exam or an AP Exam.

Students may take the proctored test at their local zoned school or at the St. Johns Virtual School office. To take a proctored exam at the zoned school, students must make arrangements at the school by calling the school’s testing coordinator or computer lab facilitator.

SJVS students Proctored Exam Contact: Ryan Erskine (904) 547-8088

Proctoring Guidelines

Verifying Student Identification:

  • The student must provide a government issued ID or School issued ID.
  • Check the picture ID to confirm that the name matches the one on the exam.

Time Frame for Testing:

  • Test scheduling is coordinated between the proctor and the student.
  • Students are allowed up to 2.5 hours to take the exam.
  • If the student has an IEP and needs additional testing time, please make accommodations
    prior to testing.

A Place to Complete the Exam:

  • Students are to complete the exam via computer, online.
  • A computer lab, library, or office may be considered.
  • The area needs to be quiet and free from influence of others.

Student’s Notes:

  • SJVS/FLVS Students are permitted to utilize handwritten notes from the course.
  • Students are permitted to use dictionaries.
  • They are permitted to use a calculator.
  • They are NOT permitted to bring the following:
    * Assessments/Worksheets, Quizzes/Tests (Anything that was submitted for a grade)
    * Cell Phone as calculator
  • Students are NOT permitted to open additional browsers or windows while testing

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