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Jeffrey Family 2016

February 2016: Jeffrey Family

Please follow the following link to see the write-up of the Jeffrey Family in the St. Augustine Record

Virtual school has changed the way we view education, and our role as parents. We love the flexibility and the autonomy virtual school provides. I decide when and where we do our lessons. The only constraint is that we meet the 80% mastery of each lesson, and we meet the completion standards of the curriculum.

As parents, we can modify a lesson as we see fit as long as the standards are met. I can see where my daughter is struggling, and where she has simply lost focus and has checked out. By discerning which obstacle is at play, I am better able to pinpoint her needs at any given time. Thus we have a more successful lesson, and a more engaging experience. It is also important to note that we are 100% responsible for Sophia’s ability to succeed in this program. By not delegating this responsibility, we are better able to meet her educational needs.

A lot of people comment about the lack of socialization that the kids experience when choosing this option. This belief, which may have been true at one time, no longer is true. Now with Class Connects, field trips, seasonal parties, home school days at museums, etc… we are able to meet and hang out with other home school families. Sophia participates in many extracurricular activities such as taekwondo, aerial arts, art class, ice skating, etc… Let’s just say that socialization is not a concern at this time. :)

The curriculum itself teaches my daughter accountability, responsibility, and an expectation of excellence. The material is also presented well, and is fun and engaging.
I enjoy doing the history lessons with her. It’s fun!

Overall, the flexibility of the delivery of the lessons, the awesome field trips, the excellence of the program, and the autonomy it provides us is why we love St. John’s Virtual so much.


Christine Jeffrey- mom of Sophia Jeffrey, 4th grade


The vision of SJVS is to be leaders in innovative teaching through online and blended learning programs that use best practices to promote academic excellence in a student-centered environment while serving the District of St. Johns County.


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